What is a Sales Lead?

If you work in a senior role within your organisation, or run the sales or marketing function, you might now find that you’re constantly receiving offers from companies offering you sales leads. You might feel enticed, annoyed or perhaps just a little skeptical about what you’ll actually get for your money. Before you do anything you need to understand what a sales lead is to ensure that you’re getting the most for your investment.

A sales lead is NOT just a Google search

Everyone can search the internet to find a list of ‘property developers in East London’, you’ve probably done it yourself at some point if you’re looking to grow your client base. Some sales lead companies will simply do the same thing. They’ll scour the internet for business listings on the most popular sites and provide you with the company name and general contact details. Unsurprisingly what you often end up with is a list of out-of-date contact details you could have easily found yourself. Our company supplies only clean and relevant data, sourced and checked by a sales professional.

A sales lead is NOT just a list of names

Which brings us to our next point, a sales lead is not just a list of names. Your lead generating company might offer to deliver 100, 500 even 1000 contacts which is great, but you need to ask more about what you’ll actually receive. If it will just be a list of names sourced from the internet then it might not be worth the investment. Your Lead Machine does more than simply supply data, we find the right connections and even book appointments for you.


A sales lead is a real connection

A sales lead should be a real connection, someone who will welcome your call and be keen to hear about your services. The lead should be a decision-maker who can help to move the relationship forward and who will know how your product and service might fit in to the organisation. You shouldn’t feel like you’re cold-calling clients, you should feel like the path has already been set for you. Our company is skilled at building this path and becoming an ambassador for your business.

A sales lead is an opportunity

Of course a sales lead is no guarantee, however it should feel like an opportunity! It should feel like a real chance to gain a new client and grow your business. For example, they should be aware of who you are before you make your initial contact. Your Lead Machine will make appointments for you, so not only does the organisation know who you are but you also have a real chance to convert them.

A sales lead should be legal

Complying with GDPR guidelines when it comes to using and storing data is so important, so it’s essential that your lead generation company understands how to play by the rules. Your Lead Machine prides itself on supplying clean and usable data and can offer guidance on how it should be stored within your business.

A sales lead is an investment

When you’re looking to make B2B connections you want to get the most for your money. You want to see that investment make a real difference on the bottom line. Look closely at the lead generation company you’re considering using and see what you’re getting for your money. Try not to focus on quantity and focus on quality instead and you’re sure to spend your money wisely.

Your Lead Machine specialise in building connections between businesses. We generate sales leads and can save you time by making sales calls and setting appointees for you. We’re not a computer. We’re a friendly organisation that can help you grow your business.