Does telemarketing get leads in 2019?

Does telemarketing get leads in 2019?

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Begin typing “does telemarketing” in to Google and you’re faced with an interesting selection of questions that people ask on a regular basis. Does telemarketing work? Does telemarketing work for B2B? Does telemarketing still work?

The honest answer is the same for any role, in any industry: yes, if you put the effort in. A salesman sat in an office doing nothing will not make sales. A marketer doing nothing but doodling on a notepad will not increase leads. Telemarketing is a skill, that once honed, can prove fruitful in terms of lead generation. Here’s how to generate a healthy sales pipeline through telemarketing:


The days of telemarketers churning through sheets of paper with meaningless names and numbers are a thing of the past. A quality telemarketing lead is only identified after thorough investigation – of the person being spoken to, the company, and how the mutually beneficial partnership would work. Social media is a goldmine nowadays: LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and even Facebook. Website ‘about us’ pages. Press releases. There are various ways to get more sales leads, but the primary focus should always be on a valuable conversation. Research transforms a cold call in to a well-prepared and carefully considered conversation.


Telemarketing will get leads when the person picking up the phone feels confident about the product or service they are trying to sell (I refer you to the point above). Lead generation is not a static thing – it is constantly evolving, just as business and technology are. A friendly, experienced and skilled telemarketer can immediately hit the ground running, so it is of paramount importance for a telemarketer to continually train and develop themselves. Your Lead Machine understands that cold calling creates leads for small businesses in so many different ways. The company’s continuous development programme has been implemented  to cover all elements of lead generation, not just the outbound call.


These days, an integrated approach means that telemarketing is one of many ways in which new business is won; telephone, email, social media, networking, and not necessarily in that order. A high-quality lead may have begun with a phone call, been followed up by email and included digital interaction. Converting leads means telemarketers need to be creative in their overall approach – using one method will probably produce one result, and not necessarily a good one. Carefully considered integration means that the quality of the sales leads can be higher too, with the content on each medium used appropriately.

The one thing to remember is that cold calling, telemarketing, lead generation through the phone – whatever you want to call it – is a real person. Other methods of lead generation cannot replicate the nuances that are picked up through speaking to someone on the phone, which is why the team at Your Lead Machine are experts in what they do.

Your Lead Machine offers a fully transparent, live-update telemarketing service that focuses on personable conversations with your future customers - the business’ sole purpose is to make your business flourish. To explore how telemarketing will get leads for you in 2019, get in touch by calling 02382 355441.


Calling us will be the least terrifying call you ever make – one conversation could generate hundreds of conversations with potential customers.

Dhruval Patel