Cargo-Wise Technology Solutions specialise in air freight cargo protection. They supply pallet stability and protection covers that replace plastic pallet wrap film for companies that want to reduce plastic pollution and waste.

Delivering worldwide, their main focus is providing solutions for the temperature control of goods shipped by air freight, security of high value air freight cargo, and moisture control.

Their mission is to ‘Eliminate Consignment Rejection’; recognising the substantial costs and reputational damage that any delays can incur, Cargo-Wise have developed a range of products to negate this risk.

The Challenge

Cargo-Wise often struggled with having a lack of time and resources; they did not have enough of either in order to penetrate their target market. Their limited knowledge of how to communicate with different prospects hindered them from producing the best results.

From the initial meeting, Cargo-Wise felt they could be open and honest with Your Lead Machine, and that it would be reciprocated. Though they were aware that YLM were more costly than others in the market, they felt they would receive more value in return.

They specifically chose to work with Your Lead Machine due to the professional approach they received. Cargo-Wise felt that the YLM team offered more in an approachable way than other lead generation companies, and that they had the ability to effectively meet and explore their needs.

Cargo-Wise were pleased to be receiving feedback throughout the campaign and that they had the ability to switch tactics mid-month when they felt there was a better way of doing things, whilst frequently being given professional input.

They believed it was a highly comprehensive process. After the campaign strategy had been explained, what the goals were and what the process was of how prospects were going to be targeted (via Email, LinkedIn and Telemarketing), Cargo-Wise were confident that they would be building a strong business relationship with Your Lead Machine.

Excellent Results

The key word is ‘value’.

Since the beginning of the campaign, Cargo-Wise has grown a ‘really valuable’ LinkedIn presence.

They have gained hundreds of followers and connections that are relevant to their business and the engagement on their posts has increased – their target market is constantly interacting with them and their products, and they have gained a much stronger online presence.

Similarly, the time they have been given back is incomparable.

In every aspect, there has been an addition of value.

They no longer had to initiate conversations with prospective clients, as it was all being done for them behind the scenes. They had the freedom to concentrate on the core business and their clients, whilst prospective conversations were happening around them.

Cargo-Wise has been built to be portrayed as experts in their field. The continuous and relevant LinkedIn posting has enabled them to show themselves in front of their target audience more often, and promote their products without having to do it themselves.

 Your Lead Machine has become a trusted advisor for Cargo-Wise when it comes to what markets they are looking to penetrate. They also receive accurate feedback from YLM about what is currently going on in their marketplace, based on the detailed and value driven conversations they have with prospects.

 Throughout the course of the campaign, Cargo-Wise have been sitting meetings with the likes of Nespresso, Coopervision and Whitworth. From the work of YLM and how the products were promoted, they were able to have a high level reach across leaders in their market; the value in which they cannot put a price on.

Cargo-Wise have been most impressed with the relationship that has been build with Your Lead Machine. Both companies can listen and react to each other’s perception of what is going on, and they feel that YLM is working with them, not for them.

Cargo-Wise said they would 100% recommend YLM to other businesses. They loved the personal approach, how they came across and the fact that they were always there with constant communication.

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