In 2020, Director and Founder Nikki Raffle created Hampton Financial Services – a boutique offering of tailored advice, focusing inherently on clients’ individual needs, helping and ensuring that they can take control and are in charge of their financial future


There is no ‘one size fits all’, and they work by the motto of ‘advice without compromise’. Choosing to develop a relationship model – not a transactional one – with each client, Hampton Financial uses their years of experience to give each customer the best possible service, providing them with that promised financial independence. 


At Hampton Financial, she gives quality chartered advice in 3 simple steps; 

  1. Initial meeting
  2. Understanding your needs and objectives.
  3. Providing you with tailored recommendations and personalised advice.

The Challenge

Hampton Financial decided to use a call answering service as it was considered to be a ‘happy medium’. They did not have enough volume of calls to justify hiring a receptionist, but were receiving enough that made a generic answering machine seem unprofessional. Not to mention, working from home and trying to balance work life with family – it was an added element that didn’t need to be so stressful.


The turning point into choosing Your Lead Machines call answering service was due to it being a very slick and professional operation. It would make the business very authoritative and they knew every call would be answered with care and meticulous attention.


Naturally, there were some initial reservations that had to be overcome. Through a blind perspective, they were unsure how the business would be represented on the phone; the main question was: would they be answered with confidence and showing professionalism in their field?


However when speaking to Your Lead Machine, these doubts were swiftly put to rest as they were reassured that Hampton Financial would be represented in a highly qualified, polite and friendly manner.


Hampton Financial chose to work with Your Lead Machine as they were a local business and they had been recommended. They knew it would help and be a beneficial overall investment as they would have the opportunity to focus more on the work at hand, knowing their calls were being handled in the background and they had the flexibility to get back to enquiries as and when they could.

Excellent Results

Since using a call answering service, Hampton Financial have seen constant benefits; the messages they receive from Your Lead Machine detailing every incoming call, are sent immediately after it is taken with all the relevant information noted down – clear and concise. 


They have full confidence that all calls are taken in accurate detail, and none are being missed.


Both for the business and in personal life, having the call answering service has been ‘amazing’. They can leave the office and not be concerned about missing a call; since they can now conduct direct, face to face client meetings, they are not interrupted and can go about ‘daily life’ without the constant disturbance of telephone calls.


When asked ‘what have you been most impressed with?’, a direct story came to mind:


Drew, at Your Lead Machine, had answered a call from a Hampton Financial client, who had just received a scary scam call. Nikki said that ‘he went above and beyond to reassure the client and made her calmer about the situation, making her aware that it was just a scam call; she had nothing to worry about. He contacted me [Hampton Financial] immediately, ensured that the situation was dealt with and the lady was fully supported’.


The call answering service has become an integral part of Hampton Financial as there is always a real life, friendly individual on the other end of the phone when her clients or prospects call in. Each call is taken with respect and professionalism, portraying the company in a ‘very positive light’.


Hampton Financial have said that ‘the benefits from the service massively justifies the cost’ and that they would definitely recommend the call answering service to other companies.

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