Established in 2010, BMC are a well-established, loft conversion company based in Portsmouth, Hampshire and work around the surrounding area.

As a high-spirited, dynamic company with more than 12 years of experience, BMC has developed a strong client portfolio whilst working on a variety of projects, including domestic and commercial.

The Challenge

Prior to using a social media management service, BMC were facing a constant challenge of time; combining running and expanding their business, whilst hiring new staff, they were struggling to keep their audience updated and maintain a frequent, social media presence.

They found that the turning point for needing social media management was when they were taking on new members for their team; initially it was to give them more time, but in reality, were constantly managing the staff and actually didn’t have the much-needed time they needed to complete social media responsibilities.

Surprisingly, BMC did not have any specific reservations before handing over their social media; they claim to be very open to trying new things and accepted the fact that they won’t see results immediately – they were happy to see how things go and have been pleased with the results generated so far.

Choosing Your Lead Machines social media management service was quite simple; after meeting through the same networking group, they were confident that Your Lead Machine would handle their social media in a professional manner. The price was a very big deciding factor, being very cost effective, they couldn’t say no.

Excellent Results

Since using a social media management service, they have seen an increase in followers and overall engagement; it has been gaining them new business and by doing it organically, they believe it will be beneficial for the future. Regarding both personally and business-wise, it has been a major factor in lifting a weight off their shoulders and being one less item to stress over; it has allowed them to focus on building their business and expanding their team.

BMC have been impressed with the consistency and frequency with the posting of content; to elaborate, the idea of going on to their social media in their own time and seeing posts which are softly advertising their company, without having done it themselves, is very helpful and beneficial.

Although it is a slow process, they feel as though it will only get better with time; social media is a key factor in encouraging company growth and assisting with making brand awareness more prominent. In the foreseeable future, it will only make the business stronger and help gain a higher reputation.

Leading on from brand awareness, it has already been impacted through the social media management service. They have gained a few extra enquiries and have noticed that engagement within their content has steadily increased since the start.

On their own, creating a post would take 1-2 hours; since handing over their social media accounts, BMC have estimated that they are saving 10 hours a week; this has been replaced by the BMC office team offering an extra 2/3 quotes a week, which can generate them £50,000-£100,000 in business.

BMC would definitely recommend this social media management service and say that they do it all the time to various companies they work with and for, especially other trade firms.

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