Established since 2008, THT is a family-run plumbing and heating firm based in Southampton, operating around the entirety of Hampshire. Maintaining strong relationships with many long-standing customers, they serve the public in their hometown as well as completing commercial work and offering maintenance services to local businesses.

The Challenge

THT decided on a call answering service due to the fact of being a family run business; they were always on the phone and felt that they were missing out on family time with their children.

For them, the turning point was in the midst of the first lockdown, back in March 2020. Having to balance home schooling and running a business at the same time, they were constantly being interrupted by phone calls.

Naturally, they had their reservations; they wanted to know exactly how their calls would be answered and what information would be provided to them. Additionally, when looking at various call answering companies, the cost was very unclear, and they were wary about any additional hidden fees.

However, eventually THT decided on Your Answering Machine due to being recommended by another company. Being a local firm, it was a benefit as they liked the idea of supporting other local businesses in the area. They also found that the cost was very simple to understand with no extra charges.

Excellent Results

Since using Your Answering Machine, they have seen a constant benefit both personally and for their business. Time: they have more time to answer emails, focus on running their business and working to expand it, instead of dedicating all their time to answer call, after call. In a personal sense, having an answering machine service has been an incredible decision in terms of spending time with their family; the benefits are something that “cannot be put into words.”

The quality of information has been something that they have been very impressed with; the detail that is passed over has made calling back all queries very simple. Furthermore, the fact that a good, strong rapport was built up showed that Your Answering Machine are very personal and focused on building relationships with their clients. THT feel as though Your Answering Machine have become an extension to their team, not just an outsourced company that has been hired to answer their calls.

Roughly, depending on the days that the phones are handed over to the answering service, they think they are getting back an estimated 8/9 hours a week, that otherwise would be spent dealing with telephone queries.

Being part of the £29.99 per month plan, 25 calls are answered a month. If they go over this limit, they will be charged £1 per every extra call taken. THT are comfortable that the pricing structure is very open, and there are no hidden, extra fees.

THT can confidently say that they have seen a solid return of investment; 3 calls answered will cost £3 – these can turn into 3 bookings that will provide them with ‘£500-£600’ estimated revenue. They also feel more inclined to call all their enquiries back, when they have paid for someone to answer these calls.

THT would ‘absolutely’ recommend Your Answering Machine to other companies in and out of their industry as it has, organically, become a very integral part of their team.

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