Introducing…Your Lead Machine Webinars!

We are kicking off with…

Helping you turn your lead generation from zero to hero!

Your Lead Machine are hosting 4 webinars throughout 2022; each will have a different topic surrounding lead generation and marketing.

This year, we are starting off with: “Helping you turn your Lead Generation from Zero to Hero”!

The purpose of our webinars is to give you an insight into streamlining your lead generation, making it more effective, and creating higher chances of converting leads.

These are the main topics that will be covered:

  • Demographic: Before you can begin your lead generation campaigns, you need to understand who you are targeting your outreach to. Having a detailed understanding of your key demographic will help you when it comes to your outreach and communication with your prospects. In our webinar, we will discuss physical and psychological demographics, and how to identify your key demographic to gain the best results from your campaign. 
  • Marketing Channels: As a business, we provide 3 main channels of direct marketing. Our main marketing channels are telemarketing, LinkedIn, and email marketing. Understanding what channels work best for your business and how to effectively market your product/services, is essential for any successful company. Through our webinar, we will be discussing exactly how to do this to maximise your business success. 
  • Messaging: Arguably the most important part of any successful marketing campaign; your message. Whether it is verbal or written, are you saying everything you need to, as engagingly and efficiently as possible? We know what makes an appealing message and exactly how to attract your target market, by using industry specific language. Through our webinar, we will be sharing what makes for an interesting and worthy message, encouraging your prospect to want to speak to you and give you the answers you want. 
  • Qualifying Leads: You’ve got an abundance of leads, but are they qualified? Would you rather have 100 poor leads or 10 high quality ones? We will be discussing the process of how to ensure every lead you receive is genuinely interested in what you do, and the prospect of working with you. You won’t be wasting anymore time chasing business that won’t go anywhere, but instead be having conversations with real prospects, who will convert into clients. 
  • Multichannel Strategy: Our multichannel strategy comprises of telemarketing, email marketing and a LinkedIn campaign. Engaging with your prospects over a certain period, providing them with multiple touchpoints is the basis of any strong lead. Build trust and respect by being honest and realistic, and you can’t go wrong. During our webinar, we will be sharing our secrets on our multichannel strategy, how it has been a benefit to our clients, and how, by following and trusting the process, it can be for you too.

Please sign up and join us on Thursday, 24th February at 11am to get the most from your lead generation.

We’d love to see you there!


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