A family run business located in Bournemouth, Daisy Print have over 45 years of experience in printing services. Lisa and Michael are committed to quality and a fast, smooth and efficient service.

The ethos of the business is: ‘We will deliver what you want, when you want it, at a price you will like.’

Always on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding your printing requirements, they can design anything; from a flyer, right through to a new logo or complete rebrand to your complete satisfaction.

The Challenge

Before working with Your Lead Machine, Daisy Print were using a different agency for 6 months to design their Instagram and Facebook posts. Though they were content with the work, the quality of inquiries were quite poor; it was not enough to allow the business to grow.

Alongside this, there was no time in the working week to begin using LinkedIn; though they were aware of the opportunities and awareness it would give them, they simply did not have the spare time to make it a priority.

As a relatively new business, building a strong and reliable client base was very important – this was the turning point into giving LinkedIn Management a go. Daisy Print knew that they needed to have an active, online presence, and it would be the ideal way to connect with their target audience, whilst getting their name out into the world.

The main drawback that they initially faced was regarding cost; they would need a lot of orders to cover it, and there was concern that they would not find these orders.

Effectively, they did not want to throw their money down the drain.

However, Your Lead Machine identified this issue and were very fair about it; they explained how the cost contributed to the amount of time that would be spent on the profile, and the work that would be done every week. When this had been discussed, Daisy Print felt a lot more at ease with the process.

Your Lead Machine were very confident that they could deliver results, but did not pressure Daisy Print into signing up. Due to this and the frequent communication they had, Daisy Print felt they had built a strong rapport with Your Lead Machine and were happy to give LinkedIn Management a go – and since, would never go back!

Excellent Results

Since the beginning of the campaign, Daisy Print have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of contact they have been having with the target market. They have gone from having zero LinkedIn activity, to having a constant stream of new connections everyday, an abundance of engagement from posts, as well as frequent communication with prospects.

There has been a rise in their brand awareness, and they said that LinkedIn is no longer a daunting process for them anymore.

For them personally, Daisy Print are now very proud to talk about their LinkedIn presence, as it has provided them with many new business opportunities, and they have a lot of activity in the pipeline; it raised awareness of how many businesses are actually on LinkedIn, and how essential it is for their business.

Before beginning, they did not think that they would get half as many contacts as they have done. They have been extremely impressed with their ‘excellent and professional service’, describing the Your Lead Machine team as ‘really approachable, proactive and efficient’.

Since, the LinkedIn Management service has become a very integral part of Daisy Print as they are now always on their LinkedIn profile, keeping up to date with their prospects and engaging with their posts. They said that it gives them a ‘really nice feeling, knowing that the business is growing’, and it has allowed them to have had their best quarter yet.

The quality of the leads they have received from LinkedIn have been very strong, and they have been very impressed. In the pipeline, there is a lot of potential that will take their business to the next level.

Roughly, they have quoted £12,000 in total, with their biggest ever order of £6,500, currently in the works.

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