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B2B & telemarketing campaigns are designed to find the perfect client for your business, raise awareness of your brand, and uncover exciting, new opportunities.

Our team is the biggest asset we have; through a mixture of personality, skill, and experience, they consistently deliver great results for all of our clients. Along with this, they ensure to keep you up to date with detailed and transparent reports of every call taken – successful and unsuccessful.

Quality is equally as important as quantity; our goal is to attract the best clients for you to work with – we will build and maintain your reputation with your ideal target market by professionally communicating your products and services to hundreds of potential clients, thus providing you with an abundance of new business opportunities.

When we conduct these calls, we are confident that we can deliver you prospects with a genuine interest in your company; engaging with the decision-makers through a direct and personal approach, makes the sale easier for you.

If you want to find out how we can help you generate new business opportunities, then please get in touch with our B2B telemarketing company.

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Telemarketing is a great way to interact with your customers and lend them the individual attention they deserve. The marketing technique is also used to generate awareness of products or services and find ideal customers. By prioritising the quality of leads over the quantity, telemarketing services can help businesses find clients they want to do business with.

The cost of telemarketing campaigns will differ depending on your business goals. Discussing and understanding your business goals is a prerequisite for establishing the cost of a telemarketing campaign.

You need to be confident, ambitious and articulate when communicating with potential clients on the phone. If you can’t quite pull this off, then it becomes difficult for potential clients to take your calls seriously. At the same time, it’s also crucial that you are able to listen well and understand what they’re saying. Now if you’re going to hire a telemarketing agency, make sure that the telemarketers have a track record of using a direct and personal communication approach to make the sales process easier. For example, at Your Lead Machine, we always tailor telemarketing scripts based on our clients’ specific business needs. Our telemarketers always start by identifying the pain points of the prospects so they can offer personalised solutions.

Telemarketing is a cost-effective way to promote your company’s products and services. More importantly, in just a matter of hours or days, you can collect feedback from your target market which you can in turn use to rethink your sales strategy or better understand what needs to be done to improve your offering.

I started work with Your lead Machine in late January and they have over-delivered on our plan. But while numbers are important (and they will get you your numbers!) what you get from the team is a level of service that is absolutely out of the top drawer – and I am a really fussy customer!! From my personal perspective, calls, questions and emails are answered incredibly quickly and with real clarity and knowledge. From a potential client perspective (and I know because they got me clients and I asked them!) they are really impressive on the phone. Polite, respectful and professional with a positioning that feels far more consultative than the usual telemarketing cold call. I can’t recommend them enough and we are already planning how else we can build our partnership together

Graham Clarke

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