Who is winning Euro 2024?

As most people know at Your Lead Machine, we love our football and with the majority of the office supporting Manchester United or Southampton the office had a good end to the year! But now it’s time for the Euros and the big question is can England win their first major trophy since 1966? In the office, the

The Benefits of a multichannel approach 

In this ever-evolving marketing world, it can be hard to know what channel to use to reach out to your prospects. From the continuous developments of social media to the classics like telemarketing and email, it’s hard to know what lane to take!   So, what is the best channel to use?   The answer is you don’t have to

Importance of building strong working relationships 

In this buzzing professional world, amongst the rush of emails, meetings and let’s not mention those deadlines, it can be hard to find time to build and maintain those strong working relationships. It is easy to get caught up on today’s tasks and not think about the future benefits those relationships will bring. We’ve all been there!  To

Sales Navigator, the good, the bad, and the lead generation 

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator is a great tool to help you in your lead generation efforts. Using advanced search features, you can target the demographic, specific to your needs and services. This can open the door to more prospects and potential leads to fill your pipeline. It sounds great on the tin, doesn’t it, but is it all it’s

Why you should be attending the B2B Expo’s!

A new year means new opportunities. Why not start by networking at a B2B Expo?   But what is a B2B Expo? If you aren’t aware, a B2B exhibition is an event used to connect entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and key decision-makers. Tailored for small and medium-sized businesses/enterprises, B2B exhibitions allow for a great environment for networking and growth.   B2B

Getting your target market right this Christmas

The lead-up to Christmas is a busy one, we can all agree on that. With Christmas shopping, wrapping, Christmas parties, and let’s not mention the hangover afterwards! Everyone’s minds are occupied at this time of year, making it hard to stand out to your target market.   This is a common thing to happen, and we see it often

Importance of Value and Education

Value is the new currency for B2B Lead Generation. So, what does this mean?   In B2B Lead Generation, the prospect will be a knowledgeable professional who will seek to purchase from industry experts. This means you need to prove that they can trust that you are knowledgeable in your field and can show that you have credibility.  For

How to Optimise your LinkedIn profile!

LinkedIn is a great platform; we can all agree on this. But how can we get the best out of it?   Knowing how to optimise your LinkedIn profile can take your profile from being good to great!   In a previous blog, we discussed the importance of having a strong LinkedIn profile and how it can benefit B2B Lead

The benefits of having a strong LinkedIn profile for B2B Lead Generation…

LinkedIn is great for B2B Lead generation, but are you getting the best out of your profile?   We all know LinkedIn is renowned as being a great platform for connecting.  But using it correctly can be harder to learn. Knowing the best ways to enhance your personal and professional profile can be difficult but is key to building

Maximising your Expo Follow Up Process

POV: It’s March, Spring is here, and we’re slowly beginning to reduce the number of layers we’ve been wearing outside.  It can only mean one thing…  Expo Season has arrived!  Who doesn’t love a good exhibition?  Due to the rise of the digital age, exhibitions are now held for businesses to expand their network, introduce themselves into new

Why Educating Your Prospects is Profitable and Powerful for Your Business…

These days, your clients expect a lot from you – expectations are set a lot higher from what they were years ago. Nowadays, you must convince your prospect that they need you, more than you need them. The days of the uninformed buyer are over; they have the world at their fingertips, they can find out exactly who

Why you should be outsourcing your Business Development team in 2023. 

In business, if you need help to expand and improve sales, revenue, customer service, product offering and brand awareness, business development should be your focus.  It acts as the thread that ties the various elements of your business together; once you have it in place, you’ll wonder how you ever functioned without it.  As we know, keeping your

Understanding How To Use LinkedIn To Supercharge Your B2B Lead Generation Strategy 

We are kicking off another year of webinars with… 8 Industry Insights to Using LinkedIn For B2B Lead Generation.  Are you struggling to understand how LinkedIn can work for your marketing strategy? Just know that you are not the only one!  Through research, we’ve found that 43% of B2B marketers have sourced at least one client from LinkedIn, and that 80%

Is it coming home?

At Your Lead Machine, we love our football… mainly everyone, apart from Maddie. She’s more into Quidditch, but that’s a story for another day. With the greatest festival of football on the horizon to start once again in Qatar on Sunday, we wanted to share our thoughts on how the tournament will pan out and share some predictions.  

Would you buy from someone if you didn’t trust them? 

Stop what you’re doing, we have BIG news!  October was a very busy month for Your Lead Machine… aside from expos, new client meetings, existing client meetings, marketing meetings (a lot of meetings), client campaigns and the highly anticipated office dart championships (team marketing for the win), we also worked on improving and enhancing our services!  “What do

Stop cutting your marketing budget and self-destroying your business.

When you hear the words ‘lead generation’ and ‘recession’, I highly doubt that you think they belong in the same book, let alone the same page, let alone the same sentence. I also highly doubt that you are thrilled to be reading yet another article to do with that ghastly ‘R’ word – which is why we’re instead

Busting LinkedIn Myths

Last year we busted telemarketing myths, this year we’re debunking LinkedIn myths! Since the world has become more digitised and the rise of social media has taken over, LinkedIn has rapidly turned into one of the most widely used business platforms in the world. With over 55 million companies listed and 830 million users, it is an ideal

5 EASY Steps You Can Do To Grow Your Instagram Page 

Whether you love it or hate it, the fact is Instagram is not going anywhere. With over 1 billion active users in 2022, having a presence on Instagram is vital.  Typically, from those that we speak to, we have found that the prospect of growing their Instagram can seem daunting or they hadn’t considered the importance of their online

Fancy a coffee? Oh… and a couple of old chestnuts?

“I know a bit about marketing, since starting my business I have had a bash at some social media posts, put an ad in the local paper and I have some SEO on the go… I’m getting the odd lead here and there.” If I had a pound for every time I had a conversation with a business

Real B2B Insights

YLM update: We’re on Spotify (and YouTube)! Yes, really! Over the last few months, we have been sitting down with business owners across various industries to understand: How their business came to be.The journey they have embarked on to get to where they are now (and where it all started).The current state of their industry, and their experiences.A

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Telemarketing

What first comes to mind when you think of telemarketing? We have found that it is commonly misinterpreted to be an outdated, aggressive sales strategy that doesn’t work – when we know that this is most certainly not the case. We’re hoping that this blog can help you understand that telemarketing is not what the media and bad

We’ve been playing games every morning, and you should too.

It’s true! For the last few months, at 8:45am we have been starting every morning with a game hosted by one of our Digital Marketers, Amy. Early exercise and activity is known to help start the day with more energy, focus, and optimism – for us, it is a team morale booster to wake everyone up and bring

Introducing…Your Lead Machine Webinars!

We are kicking off with… Helping you turn your lead generation from zero to hero! Your Lead Machine are hosting 4 webinars throughout 2022; each will have a different topic surrounding lead generation and marketing. This year, we are starting off with: “Helping you turn your Lead Generation from Zero to Hero”! The purpose of our webinars is

Stop Thinking and Start Doing

As we approach Q4 for 2021, a lot of your attention will be based around maximising the last quarter of this very different year. As we go into 2022, there will be a lot of businesses who have targets from 2021 still to achieve. Many businesses may have to uplift their revenue by 40/50%, just to get back


Why D2C (Direct to Consumer) Selling in the Food and Beverage Market is not Sustainable Post-Pandemic

Have you become comfortable selling D2C since the Pandemic? As we know, the Pandemic forced sellers to use social media and online portals to sell their products straight to their ideal consumers. Due to cafes and restaurants being closed and people spending limited time in supermarkets, it became virtually impossible to sell unique products any other way. But

Lead Generation – The Ultimate Guide for Small Business Owners

Lead generation is the process of capturing contact information and converting potential customers into paying clients. A customer may not be ready to make a decision when they first come across your business. But lead generation strategies allow you to nurture relationships with them by providing helpful content that aids in their search for information about what they’re

Busting Telemarketing Myths

It is definitely no secret that everyone has their own ideas of how successful telemarketing is, what makes an ideal telemarketer, and hold their own beliefs & opinions on telemarketing in general. But the truth is, most of these ‘first impressions’ come from pieces of information they have heard through the grapevine… which 99% of the time, actually aren’t true.

What are we grateful for this Christmas?

Can you believe it? We have officially entered the final run up to Christmas. It feels as though March was both last week and 3 centuries ago… but we made it. For many of us, this year we experienced great highs and extreme lows; we struggled, but we fought and battled through. But right now, we can push

Top 4 reasons why our culture works!

Can you believe it? We have officially entered the final run up to Christmas. It feels as though March was both last week and 3 centuries ago… but we made it. For many of us, this year we experienced great highs and extreme lows; we struggled, but we fought and battled through. 1. We care At Your Lead

How to bounce back in the new normal

It’s been a while since our last blog post and although it feels as if the entire world has been turned on its head during this time, things are now slowly returning to some kind of normality. We hope that you, your families and your businesses are safe and well, having made it through these challenging months. 2020

Don’t let the February blues affect you!

Breathe a sigh of relief, February is nearly over. Here at Your Lead Machine, we’re guessing you might have done a fair amount of complaining about the weather over the last couple of weeks, and are eagerly awaiting the blissful summer months. Who can blame you? With the promise of longer evenings, lighter mornings and sunny days off

Introducing Your Answering Machine!

As you may have learned from our recent social media posts, Your Lead Machine are pleased to announce the recent launch of our brand-new service, Your Answering Machine. Essentially, it does what it says on the tin – we will act as your own personal receptionist, taking calls on your behalf and managing business enquires. Any missed calls

Don’t Let Your Sales Pipeline Freeze In December

With December looming just around the corner, it’s fair to say, winter is firmly upon us. Here at Your Lead Machine, we are all too familiar with those dark early starts; forcing ourselves out of a warm bed to quickly inhale a coffee and breakfast before stepping outside to spend a painful 10 minutes de-icing the car. The

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