Getting your target market right this Christmas

The lead-up to Christmas is a busy one, we can all agree on that. With Christmas shopping, wrapping, Christmas parties, and let’s not mention the hangover afterwards! Everyone’s minds are occupied at this time of year, making it hard to stand out to your target market.  

This is a common thing to happen, and we see it often in our line of work. But we can help you find the reason that could be preventing you from reaching your target market. 

Let us bring a little ease to your Christmas this year.  

So, what could be preventing you from reaching your target market?  

The real answer is it can be any number of reasons, each campaign will have its own unique reasons why it isn’t working. It can be anything from one element being wrong to the whole campaign being set up incorrectly. Let’s go through some potential ideas together, that can help you find out why you might be struggling to reach your target market.  

Conducting research on the best demographic for you, before diving into your campaign, is integral to the outcome. Understanding your target audience’s preferences, behaviours and needs will help you create the best message for your campaigns.  

Researching your target audience will help you differentiate between who will respond well to your content and who won’t. Ensure that you are targeting an audience who will benefit from your service. 

Because if you’re not benefitting from the service, why would you use it?  

 It is a good idea to research what marketing channels work best for your audience, to know which one is more likely to engage a response. If someone responds better when physically talking to someone, you wouldn’t then only outreach to them over email.  

Through your research, you will be able to analyse and determine how they respond to content and whether their response differs from each marketing channel used.    

Putting out content that is personalised to your target market will enhance their engagement with the content you create. Prospects are very unlikely to respond to marketing if it is not directly linked to their interests and needs.   

Let’s be honest if you don’t relate to the content, you’re not going to engage with it are you?  

We all have our favourite channels to use whether it be LinkedIn, social media, telemarketing, or email. So, would you not agree what channel is used will affect your decision on whether to use the service?  

So, make sure you’re targeting your prospects through the right channel! 

This will also relate to the messaging you are using, if it isn’t adding value and education to your prospects on what you can do for them, they will most likely say no.  

Write your message for the prospect and what they would like to know about you and your company. You need a message that will entice the reader into wanting to continue reading and even find out more after. We all scan a message or a caption to see if it’s worth reading, it’s human nature. When reading your brain will naturally pick out the main bullet points, if it isn’t interesting, you’re not going to want keep reading are you?  

As you may have read in our previous blog providing value and education to your target audience is very important. By using social media, content marketing, and video marketing to provide education to your prospects will help you prove your worth and credibility as a brand.  

Let’s be honest if you’re using a new company, you’re going to research them to check their credibility before deciding to work with them. I know I do. 

Offsetting your knowledge to enhance your prospect’s understanding of your company and what you do, will convey that you are trustworthy. This will also encourage them to engage with your content and want to know more.   

Reaching your target market can be hard and we understand this. We work with many companies and carry out many different campaigns, you can’t always hit the nail on the head the first time. But that’s okay!  

Breaking each campaign down to the basics, helps to see what is affecting it negatively. Taking time to understand what you can tweak within your campaigns to expand your reach will only help you in the long run.  

What can you tweak in your campaign?  

For more information, or if you want to have a chat with our team get in touch 


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