Importance of Value and Education

Value is the new currency for B2B Lead Generation. So, what does this mean?  

In B2B Lead Generation, the prospect will be a knowledgeable professional who will seek to purchase from industry experts. This means you need to prove that they can trust that you are knowledgeable in your field and can show that you have credibility. 

For them to want to work with you, they need to be shown that they can trust you. This means you should provide value and try educate your prospect. By providing education to your audience, you take part in a transaction of your knowledge.  

So, are you educating your audience? 

Do you offset value?  

Below we will discuss the importance of this and how you can create value-driven content.  

Target Audience:  

Research your target audience carefully. 

Who exactly it is you are targeting? 

What is it they would want to know from you? 

What is the pain that the prospect is experiencing?  

Understanding this will allow you to offset the value and education to help them remedy this pain.  Providing your target audience with educational content will allow you to market yourself and your business as industry experts that they can trust.  

Having value-driven content will encourage more conversations and engagement about your industry and your company. 

A must is to make sure you add a CTA (call to action) to encourage them to find out more and make it easy for them to access more information. 


Understanding what content is relevant to your target audience and how, is very important. Being able to create relevant content that will be relatable to your audience’s life, is what will put you ahead of your competitors. Look at your past content and what has driven the most audience engagement.  

This will help you to understand what your audience relates to and what they want to see from your content.  

Facts and figures: 

It is a good idea to do research within your field to find reliable facts and figures that you can back your content and knowledge with.  People are more likely to believe and trust you if you have the statistics to back your claims.  

When you research, make sure you take your statistics from a reliable source, don’t just trust the first statistics you see. Having examples from several sources will help the impact of your content and provide better proof that your point is legitimate. 

Explain your ideas to your prospects and ensure they understand by backing your claims with good statistics.  

Key channels: 

The key channels to use to provide value and education to your prospects are:  

  1. Content marketing  
  1. Video marketing  
  1. Social Media Marketing  

Content Marketing: 

Content marketing is a way for you to show your clients what you are capable of. Content marketing includes: 

  • Blogs  
  • Case Studies  
  • White papers  

Writing blogs for your prospects is another way to engage their interest, it is not there to sell your product. You are providing them with knowledge, ideas and advice that relates to them. Adding a CTA (call to action) at the end of your blogs will provide them with easy access to further information that you are providing, whether it be previous blogs or your website.  

Providing case studies from your current or previous clients will help you prove your worth and credibility as a company. It is a way the get the prospect emotionally invested. Write about your current clients, what challenges they faced before working with you, and the effect since.  

Writing about the challenges your clients have faced before working with you can create an emotional reaction from the prospect, especially if it directly relates to them. It will encourage them to start thinking about how you could help them personally.  


Creating video content for your prospects is a great way to engage their interest, educate them, and offset value. Video content can include:  

  • Webinars 
  • YouTube videos 
  • LinkedIn videos  
  • And more! 

Video content is another way for you to spark interest, it is a great way to show what you do and how. Hosting webinars will show your prospects that you are a thought leader in your industry. Providing new ideas and questions, will provoke further discussions and encourage your prospect to find out more.   


Social media  

Social media is a great tool to use to help provide value and education to your prospects. It is important to make sure you make your content with your specific demographic in mind. Put out content consistently, and make sure it is educational and value-driven.  

Remember your prospects are not experts, you are. Make sure the content you put out is easy to understand for everyone! 

Using great statistics and educational content you can ensure you are using these three key channels for the sole purpose of providing value to your prospects.  

Offsetting value and education is imperative to creating trust and credibility for your prospects. We hope we have provided you with a good insight into building trust and credibility with your prospect and audience. 

Show your clients what you are capable of. 

For more information, why not check out our previous webinar or get in touch via our website.  


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