Fancy a coffee? Oh… and a couple of old chestnuts?

“I know a bit about marketing, since starting my business I have had a bash at some social media posts, put an ad in the local paper and I have some SEO on the go… I’m getting the odd lead here and there.”

If I had a pound for every time I had a conversation with a business owner along these lines, I would undoubtedly be rich. Yes, that old chestnut. 

I have daily conversations with multiple business owners who started their business with a passion as an expert in their field and a dream of building something phenomenal. Sound familiar?

At some point in their early days in business, they start to feel the pain of ‘having to wear many hats’… Yes, another chestnut. And are disappointed that they have fallen into a trap of working far too many hours, spinning far too many plates, and have gotten themselves into a right old pickle.

Finding a balance between watching the pennies and outsourcing certain expertise, usually accountants, HR, & recruiting to keep legalities in place, cash flow in check, and a workforce as an example, is a constant battle. 

Sadly marketing, lead generation and business growth is the expertise that many, many business professionals self-confess to put on the back burner and hope for the best. It is one essential skill set that is in so many cases, very low on the list of priorities. Truthfully, word of mouth and reputation isn’t always enough to build and grow a successful & profitable organisation. 

Now from where I sit, depending on varying factors from one business to the next, there is ALWAYS a need for marketing in EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS. Without it, in some way shape or form… shut the bloody doors! 

I am not asking you to rush off to get yourself a CIM diploma nor am I suggesting you employ a £35k salaried marketing professional but I am asking this of you… 

*Take some time to understand marketing properly. Ignore the myths and let go of the beliefs you’ve acquired over time.

*Seek out the advice you need from an honest marketing professional to determine which avenues are best suited to your business goals, needs & budgets. 

*Learn the skills you need so you can carry out some of the basics in house to ensure you’re not wasting time or money and educate yourself on when and how to invest in outsourcing your marketing with measured results & create a plan to support your business ambitions. 

And one final old chestnut for you… let’s have a coffee. I am your girl when it comes to business development, and I am happy to give you all I’ve got. I will point you in the right direction without spending a single penny. Let’s just have a friendly chat and let me help you get some clarity around marketing for your business.

Seriously, get in touch. 

Jade x

PS… If you would like to learn more about Lead Generation and learn the skills you need from our in-house expert Kaush Patel, help yourself to one of the spots at our upcoming seminar where there will quite literally be no holds barred, and we will be sharing all the inside hints & tricks to start generating your own healthy pipeline of quality leads.


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