Understanding How To Use LinkedIn To Supercharge Your B2B Lead Generation Strategy

We are kicking off another year of webinars with… 8 Industry Insights to Using LinkedIn For B2B Lead Generation. 

Are you struggling to understand how LinkedIn can work for your marketing strategy? Just know that you are not the only one! 

Through research, we’ve found that 43% of B2B marketers have sourced at least one client from LinkedIn, and that 80% of their social media leads actually come from LinkedIn. 

With the rise of social media and digital networking, LinkedIn has rapidly turned into the most widely used business platforms in the world. With over 55 million companies and 830 million users, it is an ideal way to generate new prospects for your business, and directly reach out to your ideal target market. 

If your business can offer solutions to your prospects, you can use LinkedIn to put yourself in front of your ideal client, to show them you can provide solutions. It’s the ideal platform for giving you the opportunity to promote yourself and your business.  

You may find you don’t have the time to keep up an active LinkedIn profile or post content as consistently as you would like- we’ve heard this many times! Or you simply may not understand the importance of using LinkedIn in your marketing strategy. 

You might also not be aware of how useful LinkedIn can be for prospecting, it’s a great tool to research your target audience, to then be able to reach out to them directly. Sales nav is also another useful tool on LinkedIn, which uses sales insights to find the right people and companies for the most relevant prospects. 

The good news is…in this upcoming webinar, we’ll be explaining how YOU can use LinkedIn to your advantage and integrate it into your lead generation strategy! 

We will be covering: 

  • The key benefits of including LI in your lead generation strategy. 
  • The format of messaging that will generate results. 
  • Creating an active profile that engages your target audience. 
  • Using LI as a prospecting tool to research your ideal client, prior to contact. 

Also, new for this year, we will be providing you with a free resource, which will include all the content covered in the webinar. Allowing you to perfect your B2B LinkedIn strategy! 

This webinar will be held on March 16th at 11am, we’d love to have you there. 

We’re hosting 4 webinars in total this year, which will be covering a variety of topics, surrounding all things lead generation and marketing. 

Stay tuned on our socials to keep up to date and hear the details of all of our upcoming webinars. 

Click here to sign up now. 

See you on the 16th of March! 


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