Would you buy from someone if you didn’t trust them?

Stop what you’re doing, we have BIG news! 

October was a very busy month for Your Lead Machine… aside from expos, new client meetings, existing client meetings, marketing meetings (a lot of meetings), client campaigns and the highly anticipated office dart championships (team marketing for the win), we also worked on improving and enhancing our services! 

“What do you mean, enhancing your services?” we hear you ask! *drumroll please… 🥁🥁🥁🥁

Business Visibility Packages! 

In short, these packages have been specially designed for you, to showcase your business, prove that you are an expert in your industry, and engage your prospects through educational content. 

Let us explain… 

As our Strategic Director Kaush always says, ‘marketing and lead generation is constantly evolving, and the attitudes of our buyers are too’. 

A question for you: would you buy from someone without knowing who they are, if they were credible and if their product offering was reliable? 

Would you buy from someone if you didn’t trust them? 

We can imagine that your answer to those questions is quite likely to be a straight-forward no

Buyers are no longer looking for the simple, transactional relationship – they want trust, they want credibility and they want to build a relationship with you and your brand. 

So… how can you do this? 

Educational content. 

In business, whatever you do, whatever you promote and whatever your message is – make sure you have value behind it. 

The landscape of marketing is forever changing and growing; marketing isn’t what it used to be – now more than ever, being seen as the expert in your industry is the most effective way to create and maintain long lasting, high quality business relationships. 

Some food for thought… why would you expect your prospects to speak to you if you’re not giving them a reason to? 

Through our packages, we are giving your prospects many reasons to trust, learn and speak to you. 

Ranging from £600 – £1500, these packages include: 

  • LinkedIn Lead Generation 
  • LinkedIn Business Growth 
  • Optimised Blogs 
  • LinkedIn Articles 
  • Cross Platform Social Media Posts 
  • Mail Shots to Subscribers 
  • Strategic and Operational Oversight 
  • Analytics Report 
  • Installation of Hotjar and Report 
  • So much more! 

What are you currently giving your prospects to make them trust you and engage with you? 

Educate, value and build trust. 


We can do it all for you… just get in touch! 


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