Why you should be attending the B2B Expo’s!

A new year means new opportunities. Why not start by networking at a B2B Expo?  

But what is a B2B Expo? If you aren’t aware, a B2B exhibition is an event used to connect entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and key decision-makers. Tailored for small and medium-sized businesses/enterprises, B2B exhibitions allow for a great environment for networking and growth.  

B2B Expos have been helping exhibitors and other professionals connect since 2011. With over 67 successful business exhibitions and 35k attendees in total, you can see why they are the UK’s largest local business-to-business exhibition organiser. 

There is so much to do at these events including but not limited to: 

  • Meeting and speaking with exhibitors 
  • Listening to keynote speakers 
  • Learning from the free business seminars  
  • Connecting with fellow professionals.  

You have the opportunity to speak to hundreds of professionals, get advice, and talk about many different aspects of business. 

We’ve talked about what an expo is and what is available at them, but what is the importance of a B2B expo?  

Firstly, you’re able to meet people face to face, allowing you to have conversations you may not be able to have over the phone or online. You’re able to build trust and credibility, as they will be able to see your passion and knowledge clearly before them. It adds that personal touch that sometimes the conversation online can lack no matter how much you try.  

Opportunities is the word that all business professionals want to hear. Attending these events allows you to meet people you may never have come across otherwise! These events help you make those connections and have those discussions that lead to opportunities that may have never crossed your mind. Why not open yourself up to those chances?  

Growth. Attending these events allows you to grow and learn. There are many speakers at these expos, all with vast knowledge to assist you in staying up to date with the latest trends, expanding your knowledge, and showing you new exciting ways to do things. There is always space to grow and visiting these seminars can be a great way to start! 

Showcase what you do! Expos are a great place to showcase your company, your knowledge, and your services. It is another space to promote your work and services to a more focused audience. It gives you the opportunity for your audience to pose questions with immediate response and it allows you to talk more in-depth about what you do.  

Insight into your competitors! Coming to these events also allows you to see firsthand what your competitors are offering and how. It will help you to compare firsthand and decide whether there is anything you can do to improve, and what you are doing right.  

But make sure to bring business cards, a pen, and a notebook because you never know when you’ll need them! A new opportunity could be just around the corner, from collaborations, and new clients, to even new learning opportunities. 

As you can see there are a lot of benefits to attending these events! 

Our team has been attending and exhibiting at these expos for a long time and we think it is a great place to meet prospects, see clients, and exchange knowledge with everyone we meet.  

We are exhibiting at many B2B Expos this year, including two coming up in February! 

  • Our team will be at the Portsmouth B2B Expo on Thursday 8th February. You’ll see our team at stand 19.  
  • We will be at the Basingstoke B2B Expo on Thursday 22nd of February, find us at Stand 20!

We hope to see you there!  


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