Real B2B Insights

YLM update:

We’re on Spotify (and YouTube)!

Yes, really!

Over the last few months, we have been sitting down with business owners across various industries to understand:

  • How their business came to be.
  • The journey they have embarked on to get to where they are now (and where it all started).
  • The current state of their industry, and their experiences.
  • A deeper insight into the specific types of marketing and lead generation that does / doesn’t work for their audience in order to generate their business high quality leads.

All whilst (of course) adding to the pressure with some quick fire questions, courtesy of the roulette wheel!

The aim being to share the knowledge that many industry leaders have harnessed along their business journey, whilst spreading awareness of what the current trends are and enlightening listeners just how they find their feet and become a reputable business in their own industry.

So far in 2022, we have had some great conversations that our Director Kaush has led alongside company owners like Ryan Chandler, Lee Rennie, Ellen Stokes, Charlotte Rogers and John Peddie!

Season One is now complete, but we are very happy to share that Season Two is well underway in the planning process and we look forward to sharing some insightful, educational and amusing chats with you all.

Similarly, if you’d like to be part of Real B2B Insights S2, please let us know – we’d love to have you join us!

We have thoroughly enjoyed filming S1 and thank everyone who has been listening to our chats. We hope that you got value out of them, and were able to use the information and discussions to your advantage – whether this was items to implement into your business, or your daily life routine.

All that is left to say… stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled on our socials for season 2!


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