Stop Thinking and Start Doing

As we approach Q4 for 2021, a lot of your attention will be based around maximising the last quarter of this very different year.

As we go into 2022, there will be a lot of businesses who have targets from 2021 still to achieve. Many businesses may have to uplift their revenue by 40/50%, just to get back to where they were before. As we know, this isn’t just going to happen overnight and if you think it will then you are up in the clouds somewhere.

It is very evident that 2022 will see certain businesses in your industry have massive growth and others that will crumble. The key to all of this is to have a marketing strategy in place, so when 2022 arrives you come out of the blocks flying. I guess what I’m saying is…don’t get left behind.

Whether you run your strategies externally or internally, you need to be running 2. You should be running a lead generation strategy and a culture-based strategy.

What’s the difference?
Well, the lead generation strategy will see results instantly if done correctly, and the culture piece will effectively begin to create you a fan club who in the future, if marketed to correctly, will convert into clients.

The aim is to bring people into your business eco system through the lead generation strategy and then retain them through the culture piece.

If you plan on going into 2022 without having your strategies in place by Christmas, you may as well start January at the back of the queue.

I’m predicting, just from seeing how business has slowly recovered in 2021, if you approach 2022 correctly, it will be a fruitful year for your company.

The message here is: you can either be a thinker or ‘doer’. Thinking about things doesn’t bring you results. The time you spend ‘thinking’, others are getting things done.

If you actually want to get things ‘done’ in 2022, then book in a call with us to discuss a marketing strategy for your business to give it the best shot for the future.

Stop thinking and start doing.


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