Top 4 reasons why our culture works!

Can you believe it? We have officially entered the final run up to Christmas. It feels as though March was both last week and 3 centuries ago… but we made it. For many of us, this year we experienced great highs and extreme lows; we struggled, but we fought and battled through.

1. We care

At Your Lead Machine, you are the priority. You are our main focus. We want to see you achieve. We do not play by halves; we do everything we can to ensure that we provide you with the best service and as many leads as possible to achieve your goals.

2. We want you to win

We excel in our service due to the friendly and caring manner we present in each and every call. You need to make a good first impression to potential new business opportunities, and we do that for you. We know what makes a good lead, we know how to make a good sale and most importantly, we know how purchasers like to buy. It is in our interest to succeed for you. If we all spend approximately 1/3 of our adult life working, it is an absolute must to enjoy what we do and who we do it with.


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3. Our environment

There is never a dull day here in the office- from start to finish; Monday to Friday; rain or shine; it is packed full of laughs, smiles and a lot of hard work. Yes, we have fun along the way, but who doesn’t? All our work is completed to the highest possible standard, and it’s done with pleasure. We can promise that everything we do for you, has been done to its maximum potential because we wanted it that way; not just because it needed to be.



4. Our values

In our culture statement, we believe that to succeed you need to have 3 traits: kind, motivated and hardworking. If you own these, then you cannot lose. It might not be a simple road to success, but it isn’t a dead end either. No matter how many twists and turns you may face, or however many bridges get in your way; as long as you have the correct positive mental attitude and the perseverance to do well, then you’ve got no reason not to.

So, ask yourself… why wouldn’t you want to consider a service from a company that cares for each other just as much as yourself? A company who take pride in what they do and has a genuine desire to help you achieve your goals.

Here at Your Lead Machine, our team and our clients are one family.


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