Introducing Your Answering Machine

Introducing Your Answering Machine!

As you may have learned from our recent social media posts, Your Lead Machine are pleased to announce the recent launch of our brand-new service, Your Answering Machine. Essentially, it does what it says on the tin – we will act as your own personal receptionist, taking calls on your behalf and managing business enquires. Any missed calls to your phone will be diverted directly to us to answer, ensuring each potential client is met with a professional, knowledgeable and available answerer, whenever you are unavailable to capture their call yourself. Here’s how our service can help you …

Imagine, after a busy afternoon at work, you may just be ready to call it a day and head home for the evening when you finally get the chance to look at your neglected mobile phone. It reads ‘3 missed calls.’ You try calling the first number back, but they’re engaged. You try the second number, but they don’t answer. When you try the third number, you manage to speak to someone, but they are no longer in need of your services. With those 3 easily missed calls, comes 3 easily missed opportunities. As business owners, here at Your Lead Machine, we know all too well that there are never enough hours in the day and missed calls can become an everyday occurrence. Think of the number of missed opportunities this equates to. Statistics show that 85% of people whose calls are not answered will not call back. From this, we understand how important it is to pick up the phone every time it rings to ensure you can capture every opportunity. With the competitive nature of today’s market, an unanswered call is likely to see a potential client looking elsewhere for your services. Why should they be expected to wait around for a call back when there’s a whole world of similar alternatives at their fingertips? With Your Answering Machine, we can ensure that this never happens again. Any enquiries will be answered immediately and taken care of, preventing the chance of you losing business to any competitors.

We will get to know you and your services. At Your Lead Machine, we pride ourselves on the fantastic relationships we are able to build with our clients. This, paired with our professionalism and exceptional phone manners, ensures that all of your calls will be handled to an excellent level. When you aren’t around to take business related phone calls, we can provide any information that the client should need as well as arranging any necessary appointments. This saves you the hassle of trying to man your phone 24/7, leaving more time to focus on what’s important. On top of this, having someone who is always available to answer your calls is sure to aid the reputation of your business. We will be sure to create a great first impression for every potential client, far exceeding the first impression that may be established from an unanswered phone. If you want your business to come across as reliable, easy to reach and easy to work with from that all important first interaction, Your Answering Machine is the service for you.

Get in touch with us at Your Lead Machine on 02382355440 to enquire about our new call answering service or email us on, We look forward to hearing from you!


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