Sunzinet are a digital transformation agency based in Cologne, Germany, with branches across Germany, Poland, and London.  

Sunzinet was founded in 1999 from an interest in ‘virtual worlds.’ Sunzinet started with 3 entrepreneurs in Bonn, Germany, and grew over the last 24 years to what it is today, with 170 team members and many more services added. 

Since then, they have developed the company to specialise in custom software development, eCommerce, Website design, AI solutions more recently, and many more. 

The Challenge

Before working with Your Lead Machine, Sunzinet were trying to develop connections and generate leads within the UK. Sunzinet were struggling to communicate with their prospects in the UK, specifically in what message or strategy to use. They had a great response in Poland to their messaging but didn’t get the same reaction in the UK.  

Sunzinet developed messages for their Polish prospects that had the use of AI at the heart of it. When trying to approach the British prospects with this message they found that they did not respond in the same way and weren’t as open to AI as they had been in Poland.  

With cultural differences playing a big role, they were looking to outsource their lead generation within the UK. A team member from their London branch attended an Exhibition where they met Your Lead Machine. After discussions within the team, Sunzinet started meeting with YLM to create a campaign strategy. 

Excellent Results

After meeting with YLM they developed a strategy to reach out to smaller companies in the UK through LinkedIn, Telemarketing and Email marketing.  

YLM generated a good number of opportunities in the original target market outlined by Sunzinet. After reviewing these leads, Sunzinet realised that these companies were too small to be cost-effective for them. YLM were always happy to adapt the strategy to their wishes and began to target bigger companies. 

Sunzinet’s LinkedIn campaign was done through one of their Polish team members’ profiles who is based in the UK. Sunzinet found that they received a good connection rate on this LinkedIn profile. The YLM team kept adapting their messaging to see what would engage the prospects best.  

Sunzinet said that Your Lead Machine’s communication and service has been ‘better than perfect’.  In comparison to other companies around the world that Sunzinet have worked with, they said YLM always provided information that they needed on time and regularly.  

‘YLM has been very adaptable in their approach to our campaign’. The YLM team are always open to trying new approaches and are great at coming up with solutions and ideas to improve the campaign.  

What results have you seen from the campaign? 

Throughout all three campaigns, YLM have done a great job in raising awareness for Sunzinet in the UK market, whilst providing proof of concept upon lead generation strategies. 

Sunzinet said that ‘YLM are great at what they do, and we would definitely recommend them to others.’ They said that if they were to expand within the UK again, they would come back to work with YLM for another campaign. YLM have definitely grown the brand in the UK and created opportunities for them. 

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