With 1,000 offices in 80 different countries, Action Coach has been able to split into various new sectors – especially around the UK.

Action Coach Edinburgh Central aims to help their clients grow their business and reach their goals. They show owners how to better their time management, manage their teams and increase their revenue.

Being a part of the biggest coaching firm in the world, they can guarantee brilliant results with their proven systems and strategies.

The mission is to allow business owners to have the success that they envisioned from the start; ensuring they maintain the best work/life balance that suits them.

The Challenge

Prior to being recommended to Your Lead Machine, the biggest challenge that Action Coach Edinburgh was facing was a capacity issue with their internal team. Their lead generation process was not working and they knew that, if they were to hire someone, there would be a lag time of training. For them, the idea of outsourcing was stronger and a quicker strategy to get started.

The turning point into choosing telemarketing was when they were recommended to Your Lead Machine; it had always been in their top 3 for marketing ideas. They knew it was necessary to implement a telemarketing firm, but the issue was finding someone who would deliver the best results.

Naturally, initial reservations stood in their way. Through receiving typical cold calls, they knew that they did not want to work with those types of people on the other end of the phone.

However, luckily these insecurities were swiftly overcome as they found Your Lead Machine to be ‘confident, but not arrogant, valuable, (and) honest and they were impressed with the individuals they originally spoke to.

Action Coach Edinburgh had been recommended to Your Lead Machine by another coach they knew – they met at a networking group and were very impressed with who YLM was.

Excellent Results

Since working with Your Lead Machine, Action Coach Edinburgh has seen constant benefits; not only have they won new clients, but they have said that they feel YLM has become a very good ambassador for them.

Additionally, it feels like an extended member of their team – not just an outsourced company. They are continually impressed with the willingness to change the approach if it hasn’t been working – or could be better. As well as this, they are very pleased with the high quality of the leads they have received.

They believe in quality over volume; the leads they have received have increased their conversion rate from what it originally was before, due to the care and meticulous attention that was put into every lead.

Your Lead Machine has become an integral part of Action Coach Edinburgh as they really value the collaborative relationship that has been built – they are now asking themselves if they even need to hire a business development person anymore.

Moreover, they repeated the strong point of it feeling like they have added another member to their team, and how they have been introduced to new ways to meet a different market than what they were initially targeting.

Since starting, they have estimated that they have quoted £50,000 from the first 3 months, and have since won £42,000.

Action Coach Edinburgh are actively recommending Your Lead Machine to other coaches that they know, and said that they will continue to do so.

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