ETrak are a delivery management system that provides cost-effective, tracked delivery solutions for sending packets and parcels worldwide, helping e-commerce retailers grow international sales while keeping delivery costs to a minimum.

With access to a global network of postal and commercial carriers in over 220 countries, ETrak offers its customers competitive rates for shipping internationally and streamlines the delivery process to improve dispatch and delivery times.

The Challenge

Before working with Your Lead Machine, ETrak were facing the issue of having a lack of in-house resources, as well as having no time to focus on their own campaigns. They found that the turning point to invest in the service was when they had experienced the initial face-to-face meeting. Combined with feedback from their team, they came to the internal decision that they liked the Your Lead Machine team and the structure in which they worked; with no long-term contract and an abundance of flexibility.

Suffice to say, they naturally held some reservations; an example being, how their data was going to be sourced. However, all worries and concerns were quickly resolved long before the campaigns began. ETrak were assured that all data would be GDPR compliant, as well as very focused and heavily targeted to their ideal market.

ETrak chose to work with Your Lead Machine as, after a lot of intricate research into a variety of marketing companies, they were fond of the offered personal approach and appreciated the idea of Your Lead Machine becoming a part of their team.

Excellent Results

By using telemarketing, LinkedIn and email marketing for their multi-channel marketing strategy, they have seen a consistent flow of strong leads, which have been very manageable for them to keep on top of.

More so, the ETrak team have undergone sales training from Your Lead Machine to ensure every lead is nurtured with the upmost care; they have been supported since the beginning of the campaign.

ETrak have been most impressed with the overall professionalism that they have received. From having meetings with the generated leads, they said that every prospect was unaware that they had been contacted by an external source. It has been a seamless process that provided an ‘extended arm to their business’.

Conducting the multi-channel marketing strategy has created a new awareness of their brand in the fulfilment sector, and allowed them to create a solid sales pipeline of prospects that they will be working with in the near future; ensuring a lot of new business.

Though ETrak have recently been going through a lot of changes, Your Lead Machine have become an integral part of their sales process and they wish to integrate them even more in the future on other campaigns.

All in all, it has been a ‘huge success’, and they have been ‘really happy with what has been brought to the table’.

Since starting, ETrak have estimated that they have quoted a potential gross profit of £100,000. This has come from ‘really well qualified leads’ – especially considering that all data was manually sourced by Your Lead Machine themselves.

ETrak said that they are 100% likely to recommend Your Lead Machine to other industries and are already actively doing so.

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