In May 2017, founder Ellen Stokes created Be Exhibitions. Due to always wanting her own business, when she came into the exhibition and events industry, she fell in love with it and decided to base her future around it.

Be Exhibitions have a vision to provide and create exceptional exhibition stands in a stress-free way for all their clients; keeping it all carbon neutral to keep both themselves and their customers on a solid eco footing.

They believe strongly in ensuring that all their clients are happy and satisfied throughout every step of the project, which is now their overall philosophy.

The Challenge

Before engaging with Your Lead Machine, Be Exhibitions were facing the issue of time, they did not have enough of it. As the business was growing, they were unable to generate any leads for themselves. There was simply not enough time in the day to market themselves to various companies. Be Exhibitions admitted to not enjoy outbound marketing, but knew it had to be done.

Choosing to use telemarketing was confirmed when they realised that they did not have a strategy to follow up with their leads; there was a strategy in place to get them in the first place, but nothing to secure them – so they were losing out on new business opportunities.

Telemarketing is a proven marketing technique in the exhibition industry. This meant Be Exhibitions had no reservations when it came to choosing telemarketing as a method to generate new business leads.

Be Exhibitions were first introduced to Your Lead Machine at a mutual networking event back in 2018. They were very impressed with what they had heard. This then triggered the decision to involve Your Lead Machine in late 2018, early 2019.

Excellent Results

Be Exhibitions have seen constant benefits from using Your Lead Machine. One being the great response rate that has come from the generated leads. For them, it has been perfect timing as they no longer need to worry about finding new business, as they have an abundance to follow up on, keeping them constantly busy.

They have been most impressed with the suggestions that Your Lead Machine actively offer; whether it be changing the target market, explaining what is and isn’t working, or altering the script to sound more honest and interesting – they enjoy the fact that nothing sounds robotic, it is all human and real.

Your Lead Machine has since become a very integral part of Be Exhibitions; when covid hit and business was not coming in, she was reassured that her company would not be neglected as there was constant development happening from our end and Be Exhibitions brand awareness was continually being built. There were no missed opportunities that may have been otherwise, and they are confident that Your Lead Machine will continue to be a huge part of constructing their future.

The quality of the leads they have been receiving have been ‘really good’, they have all been highly consistent and reliable.

From these leads, so far in 2021, they have quoted the top end of £200,000 for business.

Be Exhibitions said that they are actively recommending Your Lead Machine to other businesses.

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