Located in Chichester, Lodge Court was established in 2015 by Ian Moore, who has over 30 years of HR and people management expertise. Unlike in-house HR departments, Lodge Court offers affordable HR and people management solutions, tailored to your business needs that deliver exceptional value. 

Lodge Court offers a value-driven partnership approach to people management. Through a bespoke outsourced HR service, they cater to the unique requirements of each client, by providing comprehensive support that mitigates risks and facilitates growth. 

Client Relationship Manager, Berdene Kilbride joined the team in February 2022, her multifaceted role encompasses cultivating new business opportunities, nurturing valuable connections, and ensuring a seamless onboarding experience for new clients. 

She has thoroughly enjoyed her time here so far and is excited to continue making new contacts, building strong connections, and fostering the growth of her clients.  

The Challenge

Prior to working with Your Lead Machine, Lodge Court diligently pursued lead generation and new business through concerted efforts in business networking, sponsorships, and social media marketing. 

Lodge Court was getting a good number of leads using these methods but wanted to speed up its lead generation.  

Their nurturing stage for a prospect can take between 3-6 months so they wanted another way to add more to their pipeline in order to have more opportunities to provide support to businesses.  

Before working with Your Lead Machine, outsourcing lead generation was something Lodge Court had not tried. But due to YLM’s ideas and strategies Lodge Court was convinced that YLM was the right fit for them.  

After speaking with the YLM team at different Exhibitions, they said it felt right to build a relationship with them. Berdene, reflecting on these interactions, emphasised the friendly, cheerful, and approachable nature of the Your Lead Machine team, reinforcing the sense that they were the right fit for Lodge Court. 

Excellent Results

Since working with Your Lead Machine, they have noticed a definitive growth in their pipeline, through the multi-channel lead generation strategy. Your Lead Machine has generated more opportunities for them, filling their pipeline quicker.   

Your Lead Machine have generated opportunities ranging from those with immediate needs to those foreseeing future requirements, and even individuals who were initially unaware of their need for Lodge Court’s services. This diverse range of opportunities has not only amplified Lodge Court’s outreach but has also significantly elevated the local brand recognition for its HR services. 

When asked about Your Lead Machine’s service Berdene said, ‘the service is brilliant!’ She said, everyone has been very friendly, and they are very proactive in their communication. 

Kaush and Drew provide them with constant informative updates, Kaush is always happy to have a meeting to provide them with all the informative stats. If we ever need any other information, they are always happy to send it over or talk us through it in our next meeting.  

Your Lead Machine consistently demonstrates a dedicated approach to optimising our business opportunities, continually exploring ways to enhance our campaign’s effectiveness. 

Lodge Court are very happy with the overall results so far. “They trust YLM absolutely” and would not hesitate to recommend them at all. They have loved building this connection and relationship with Kaush, Jade, Drew, and the rest of the team. 

Conducting the multi-channel marketing strategy has created a new awareness of their brand in the fulfilment sector, and allowed them to create a solid sales pipeline of prospects that they will be working with in the near future; ensuring a lot of new business.

Though ETrak have recently been going through a lot of changes, Your Lead Machine have become an integral part of their sales process and they wish to integrate them even more in the future on other campaigns.

All in all, it has been a ‘huge success’, and they have been ‘really happy with what has been brought to the table’.

Since starting, ETrak have estimated that they have quoted a potential gross profit of £100,000. This has come from ‘really well qualified leads’ – especially considering that all data was manually sourced by Your Lead Machine themselves.

ETrak said that they are 100% likely to recommend Your Lead Machine to other industries and are already actively doing so.

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