Based in Bournemouth and launched in 2005, over the last 16 years Darren Northeast PR has become one of the leading PR companies in the South.


By assisting a large number of organisations to increase their profile and brand awareness through bespoke public relations and dedicated marketing activity, Darren Northeast PR has developed an impressive client base across Dorset, Hampshire and further afield.


Hosting experience in a wide number of sectors, they thrive in creating and managing content to efficiently communicate with the public and engage their relevant target audience. Their ability to offer unlimited time and dedication to every single client is a trait that they are very proud to show off, which continually contributes to the quality of work they perform.

The Challenge

Before working with Your Lead Machines call answering service, Darren Northeast PR were using another outsourced call answering service with whom they found to be very unprofessional; many of their calls were not answered, and emails they sent were ignored. This lack of communication sparked the need to change to another company.


The turning point into working with Your Lead Machine was when they were introduced through networking. They were impressed with the reputation of the company and were positive that their calls would be handled with respect and professionalism, and the ‘call answering service’ would be done correctly.


Due to this, they had no reservations before working with Your Lead Machine. They knew they needed a call answering service, but had been using the wrong one, so needed to give another organisation a go.

Excellent Results

There have been many benefits that the team at Darren Northeast PR have seen since using the call answering service from Your Lead Machine; although most of their messages and enquiries come through to their direct email or mobile, they said that it has been a real benefit to keep the landline number, and no longer worry about the frequency of calls that pass through it.


In terms of business and personal life, they explained how refreshing it is to know that their calls are always being answered professionally, whether they are around or not. They know every client is being treated with respect and calls are being taken in a friendly manner, with all important information being noted down and sent directly to them.


They have been most impressed with the short, straight to the point and consistent emails they receive. It allows them to know who has called, for what reason and makes it easy to follow up when necessary. They no longer have the pressure of answering calls, as they are confident that someone else is answering every single call for them.


Darren Northeast PR said that Your Lead Machines call answering service has since become an integral part of their business, and something that they wouldn’t ever get rid of. They have no hesitations with the service they are being provided and said that it is very cost-effective; worth the money.


They described Your Lead Machine as professional, part of the team and an integral part of the business – with whom they would definitely recommend to businesses to create a more stress free work environment.

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