Formed in 2011, Securus Communications are a trusted managed network provider, that offer flexible, bespoke solutions within private and public cloud infrastructure, access technologies, hosting, and cyber security. From 2018 they started focusing more on cyber security solutions.  

Securus are a solution-focused business that started their company to help change the way their industry handles business. Securus focus on the service that they provide, they found when they first started competitors were removing fundamental parts of service to keep themselves profitable, Securus wanted to do it differently. Securus wanted to focus on the service they provide and how they can support clients with solutions.  

They saw the gap in the market and made necessary changes to their industry by focusing on having the best service for their customers, one example of this being having highly knowledgeable engineers answer their phones so that the customer has the best information available from the start.  


The Challenge

Prior to joining Your Lead Machine, Securus tried multiple marketing channels to spread awareness of their brand. Securus had worked with other outsourced lead generation companies before with no avail. In the past, they outsourced telemarketing and email marketing but found it was not the approach they wanted to take.  At that point in time, they were unsure of what it was that made marketing work.  

This made them hesitant to spend money on it again if it wasn’t going to work. 

Securus knew that something they excelled in was making content. They are passionate about producing engaging and informative content and a lot of it. However, they found that not enough people were viewing it.  

They decided that focusing on making content and growing their audience was the best way for them. 

Securus was introduced to Your Lead Machine through LinkedIn, over multiple discussions and after trying many different approaches themselves, Securus were happy to have a team’s meeting with YLM.  

After an informative meeting with the YLM team and discussing internally, Securus were keen to go ahead with a LinkedIn campaign. Their main goal was to gain a bigger audience for their content including new subscribers to their monthly newsletter.  

Excellent Results

Since working with YLM, Securus have noticed huge increase to the number of people their content is reaching.  

Securus have gained over 300 followers within their demographic, that weren’t there before. YLM also introduced 18 new subscribers to their monthly newsletter list. 

The team at Securus are extremely happy with the results so far and are excited to continue to work with YLM to grow their audience. When asked about the service at YLM, Securus said it is ‘Fantastic’.  

Securus feel YLM have found the right level of communication without needing a lot of their time. They felt that the campaign and the update meetings have been an enjoyable process, and they appreciate that Securus and YLM don’t have to manage each other.  

Securus’s LinkedIn campaign has evolved quite a lot since the start, YLM always works hard to come up with new ideas to keep the campaign moving and will always listen and take on any ideas that Securus put forward.  

When asked Securus said “We would definitely be more than happy to recommend YLM”  



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